April 19, 2015


 Sometimes we become impatient
and want things to happen instantly
when patience is the only virtue
to make things work well.


Sometimes we give too much
to people who deserve so little
and give too little
to those who deserve much.


Sometimes we value the things
that are worthless
and take for granted
those that are of great value.


Sometimes we cry for no reason
but at times tears dry up
even when crying
will make us feel better.


Sometimes we force ourselves to laugh
even when there are
too many reasons to cry
and sometimes we can’t laugh
even when things are funny.


Sometimes we want so much to do nothing
when there are so many things
that need to be done
and want to do something
when there is nothing to do.


Sometimes we love to be
on the greener grass on the other side
but wants to be back once we’re there.


We can never be satisfied…
Always searching…always wanting…
when the only thing that we need in this world is


An Open Letter to God

July 31, 2013

An Open Letter to God

Dear God

You deliberately disregard my wants. You always prioritize what you perceive is right dismissing my preferences. You maneuver and take control of my life even during those times when I am so bent on doing things my way. There is never “my way”. It is always Your Way. You get things done ever so slowly that at times I get impatient waiting and sometimes I am bordering on thinking that you’ve already forgotten about me and my wants and needs. You always make things happen in your time and NEVER my time. I sometimes wonder if you still love me and think of me. I do question Your ways many times especially when things are seemingly not working out well for me.

And for all of this, I thank you Lord. Please continue to be the King, the Ruler, the Boss and the Commander-in-chief of my life and best of all please do continue to be the Perfect Father I so badly need because without your loving infallible hands, my life would have been so messed up. Thank you Lord and forgive all my unnecessary qualms, questions and misgivings. I surrender everything to you, in Jesus’ name.


Your ever-so-stubborn-daughter


You don’t need a lot to be complete…

  You don’t need hundreds of friends to make a single memory but you can create hundreds of memories with a single friend.

♥ You don’t need the whole world to love you, just the people you love to love you back.

♥ You don’t need a big mansion when all you need are a few people that matter to you to build a happy home.

♥ Not all the things that cost much can make you smile and not all things that make you smile cost much.

♥ Happy are they that cherish all the simple things around them rather than seek for the things that are not meant for them.

 It is in appreciation that happiness lies and it is gratitude that serenity starts.


Dare to be Different…

July 11, 2013


Today is not merely a reproduction of yesterday..

It’s new.. It’s fresh..

Celebrate life for its uniqueness and stand-out! ♥B

Smile :) and Be Happy

July 1, 2013


One of the many reasons why people are unhappy is because the moment they feel joy creeping within, fear sets in as well, fear that comes from the knowledge that nothing can last forever, that happiness like the beautiful flowers can fade away as fast as the ever-changing seasons. Perhaps the problem lies not in the constant change… not in the fact that nothing lasts forever, but rather on our individual outlook on things. If instead of thinking that happiness as a gateway to misfortune or a prelude to sadness or expecting that it will eventually be over and be replaced by unhappiness, why not think of happiness as a reward for all the heartaches, hardships and disappointments? Perhaps in thinking that we all deserve to be happy because we all endured much, went through a lot and bore it all then maybe… just maybe, we may savor happiness more and just be grateful for it without fear nor apprehension….

Smile and just be happy coz’ you deserve it. ♥B.

For G&J


March 26, 2013


Togetherness doesn’t necessarily mean being close physically. It is achieved when two people feel a common bond whether they are together or apart. True friendship transcends time and space. Years may pass and distance may come between friends, yet the love, worth and care for each other will always remain the same. ♥B.

Rain on me, Lord…

March 14, 2013


Pour out your grace upon me Lord.
Shower me with your blessings.
Drench me in your perpetual mercy.
Let me be forever soaked in your love and kindness.
Wash away all my anxieties and worries.
Cleanse any wickedness or ill thoughts I may and will have.
Immerse me in perfect absolution.
That I will forever be submerged in your loving protection and guidance for all eternity.


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